Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cobb Salad

My favorite salad is a Cobb salad.  I'm pretty sure it is because of the avocado, bacon, and blue cheese.  Because it is a salad, I can eat bacon and be healthy.

This Cobb salad actually is healthy because I used turkey bacon and a low calorie dressing.  Of course, I used twice as much dressing as necessary.

At restaurants, I am often drawn to the Cobb salad.  I feel that when you eat out, especially at a restaurant where tips are required, I should be adventurous and order something new and special.  

Instead of suffering this inner conflict, I should just make Cobb salads at home.  I can get my fill of my favorite salad without wasting special restaurant experiences.

Wikipedia explains a theory of the origin of the Cobb salad.  In the 1930s, this salad was first served at the Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant.  The last name of the restaurant owner was Cobb.  The story goes that Mr. Cobb was hungry late at night and threw together odds and ends from his restaurant.  

It's a wonderful story; I hope it's true.

The ingredients I used are lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, chicken, bacon, blue cheese, eggs, and ranch dressing.  I like blue cheese dressing, but the store didn't have low fat blue cheese dressing.

I first put a layer of lettuce on the plate.  I added chopped tomatoes and avocado.  My hands were covered in avocado goo.

I added lots chopped bacon.

I then added cubed chicken and a sliced egg.

You can't have a Cobb salad without blue cheese crumbles.

I then drizzled on way to much dressing, but that's okay because it's light.

Yum!  I can give or take the lettuce, but the topping are nonnegotiable.  

Salads are often light, and they don't keep you energized for very long.  This salad has so much protein, I had no problem lasting until my next meal.

There were so many delicious ingredients, and it was hard to get all the bits into one mouthful.

I wouldn't mind a Cobb salad for dinner tonight!

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