Wednesday, December 18, 2013

BBQ Chicken Quesadilla

Christmas cannot come soon enough.  This is my last full week of work before the holidays, and I am so anxious for the festivities to begin.  Today at work a mens choir came and sang Christmas songs.  They sang very well, and the concert heightened my anticipation for next week.

I am posting this un-Christmasy recipe even though I am very eager for Christmas.  I think I mentioned this in my last post, but my sister recently had a baby girl, whom I have not yet seen.

Even though this is a decidedly non-festive post, the recipe is delectable and easy.  I baked a boneless, skinless chicken thigh.  I shredded it with a fork when it was cool enough to handle.

I layered mozzarella cheese on one half of a large tortilla.  I promise this is my last post with a weird, green tortilla.

I added some barbeque sauce to the shredded chicken.  This is clearly not homemade barbeque sauce.

I placed a layer of chicken on top of the cheese.  This is about half a thigh.

Then I added some red onion.  I pulled this onion from the freezer, so it was pretty soft.  If you are using a fresh onion you would probably want to fry it in some butter to soften it a bit.

I then toasted it in a frying pan.  I don't use any oil or butter when I toast my quesadillas.

Que Rico!  

This isn't the most authentic quesadilla you'll ever eat, but that doesn't mean it won't fill your heart with joy and your life with purpose.  This is a perfectly toasted quesadilla because the tortilla is crunchy and the cheese is gooey.


Display name said...

Quesadillas are very much liked around the house here. Your version with red onions and chicken sounds delicious. Must try :) ela

Maureen said...

That is a very green tortilla so doesn't that make it Christmasy? I think it does. :)

Even though I've heard Aussies call them kewsadillas, I know they'd eat this in a heartbeat.

Tina said...

I agree with tortilla gives it a Christmasy fare and I love it! Can never go wrong with a quesidilla. :)
Tina at,

Cathleen said...

I would call it Christmasy. :)
I love any kind of quesadillas, I am getting hungry just looking at these!

Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl said...

Looks delicious and I know it would be hit at our dinner table! Have a great holiday!

laura said...

Thanks! I guess it does make them a little more Christmasy. Have a great holiday!

Katie said...

This sounds so good!

laura said...

Thanks Katie!