Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Milky Way Icing

I have wanted to go to a bakery near my apartment for months, almost a year.  I know it has been a while because I saw it for the first time while I was walking to my neighborhood swimming pool.  I haven't gone swimming all winter because I'm a wimp.

I went to the bakery today and order a slide of chocolate cake.  They had many delicious looking cakes, but I can't resist the draw of chocolate.

Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed.  They called the cake a chocolate fudge cake.  

I was expecting dense, moist, rich, and decadent.  The texture was good, but it didn't have a rich chocolate flavor.  I was so disappointed.  It's sad when things don't meet your expectations.

This recipe came from  I need to work on finding a more creative recipe source because all of my recipes have come from allrecipes recently.  I only made half the recipe.  I used 2 full size Milky Way candy bars,  1/8 cup milk, 1/2 tablespoon milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla, and 1 to 3/4 cup powdered sugar.  I used too much powdered sugar, so I suggest going light with the sugar.  

I added the candy bars, butter, and milk into a saucepan.  I melted the ingredients together over medium heat.

Once the chocolate and butter was melted I added the vanilla.  I gradually added the powdered sugar.

I was too heavy handed with the powdered sugar.  Don't be like me.

I stirred until there were no lumps of powdered sugar.

 The frosting was smooth and creamy.  There was a caramel flavor from the candy bar.

I spread it over vanilla cupcakes.  It's a sweet frosting so I think it goes best with a simple cake.

 It firms as it cools.  I added too much powdered sugar, and it was too thick once it was cool.

I enjoyed the flavor.  It is different than your regular, run of the mill chocolate frosting.  It is very sweet, which I don't mind.  I have an unquenchable appetite for sugar.  

 The icing is pretty.  It is glossy, shiny, and smooth.  I'd make this recipe again!


Cathleen said...

WHOA!! I need this in my life! I don't think I have ever seen Milky Ways in Canada, but I will keep my eyes open for them!

laura said...

Hey Cathleen! They're not my favorite candy bar, but they make a yummy frosting!