Monday, November 24, 2014

Ham and Cranberry Sauce Quesadilla

It appears I will be going to Tennessee over Thanksgiving.  We are going to go to the Great Smokey Mountain National Park.  The idea is to camp, but that might not happen given the weather predictions.  I like camping, but I don't like being cold.  

 We are leaving DC the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, thus traffic will be terrible.  The weather forecast says it might rain or snow Wednesday night.  It could be a slow trip that night, but every once in a while I enjoy a long road trip.  

We plan on stopping at some restaurant on Thursday to eat turkey and pie.  I don't mind having an unusual Thanksgiving, especially since I won't be with family anyway.  It has been years since I have spend Thanksgiving with my family, and I really miss it.

If I planned on mading traditional Thanksgiving food this year, I might make these quesadillas with the leftover ham and cranberry sauce.  I labeled this as Tex Mex, but that categorization might be a stretch.

The ingredients and steps to these quesadillas are pretty simple.  I used tortillas, cranberry sauce, ham, and mozzarella.  I think adding green onions would have been delightful.

I am going to give step-by-step instructions, though I'm sure it's not necessary.  I spread some cranberry sauce on half of the tortilla.

I added a slice of ham.  I used thick ham.

I then added sliced cheese.  In my opinion, the more cheese the better.

I had a warm skillet ready to go.  I folded the tortilla over the fillings and placed it in the warm pan.

Once one side was crisp and golden, I flipped it and toasted the other side.

I let it cool for a brief moment so the cheese solidified a bit.  I didn't let it sit too long because gooey cheese is essential for a good quesadilla.  

I cut the quesadilla into two or three sections.  

Like so many other delicious foods, these quesadillas were a gooey mess.  The cheese and warm cranberry sauce ran all over my fingers and chin.

I enjoy sweet and savory things.  The cranberry sauce is sweet and a little tangy.  The cheese mellows out all the other flavors.  The ham provides a little more substance and nourishment.  

 The outside of the quesadilla was golden and crisp.  It complements the soft and smooth cheesy center.  Writing about this delicious quesadilla is making me hungry!  It was simple but delicious!


Beyondfrosting said...

Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving!

laura said...

Thanks! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving too!