Thursday, March 20, 2014

Quick Pickled Cucumbers

This is based on a Japanese dish. It’s a really great cucumber dish perfect for summer. It requires very little preparation but is still fresh and flavorful.

I found the recipe on another blog called the Lemon Bowl.  She shares many quick, healthy, and tasty recipes.

The ingredients are 1 English cucumber, 2 diced scallions, ¼ cup rice vinegar, 2 tablespoons soy sauce, 1 teaspoon sugar, and 1 teaspoon sesame oil. You could replace the English cucumber with any seedless cucumber. I am not sure how many seedless cucumbers there are out there. If you find one, you can use it.

I whisked together the vinegar, soy sauce, sugar and sesame oil.

I am not actually whisking in this photo.  I find that if I take a picture while whisking, it is very blurry.  I'm just holding the whisk.

I chopped the cucumbers and scallions and added them to a bowl. I poured the dressing over the vegetables.

The recipe said to let it set for at least 15 minutes to let the flavors combine.  I made these cucumber the day before eating them.  This was a good recipe.  It’s a great way to reinvigorate the old cucumber.


The Kitchen Magpie said...

These look soo yummy! I like how quick they are!

laura said...

They are yummy! They store well too!