Thursday, September 5, 2013

Caesar Salad Wrap

During the summer there is a farmers market every Thursday right next to my office.  I was getting a little depressed today because I thought it ended in September, but I checked the website, and it ends in October.  I'm so excited! I have one more month to eat bread pudding, vegetarian tacos, and frozen lemonade.

You might wonder how this post is different than yesterday's post.  Well, the difference is this caesar salad is in a wrap and not on a plate.  They are two completely different things.  For this recipe I used romaine lettuce, chicken, parmesan cheese, a whole wheat wrap, croutons, and the caesar dressing from yesterday.  The croutons are not pictured, but I did use them.

I feel this picture is pretty self explanatory.  There is some romaine lettuce and chicken. That's it.

Now the lettuce leaves have been showered with parmesan shavings.

I dressed the lettuce mixture with a healthy scoop of dressing.

I placed the salad in the center of the wrap and added croutons. 

I wrapped it and sliced it.  Every time I made this wrap I added so much lettuce I was afraid the wrap would burst.  I stored it in a fake Tupperware until lunch, when I promptly ate it.  I later ate one right after making it, and it's best eaten directly.  With time, the dressing makes the bottom layer of the wrap soft.  When consumed instantly after construction, it is refreshing, light and crisp.  

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