Friday, August 23, 2013

Honey and Nectarine Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I regularly use the DC metro, which if you are a resident of our fine capital, you know it can be less than reliable.  This nonfood related aside is not about the unreliability of the metro though.  The station near by apartment has a very long escalator that occasionally doesn't working.  

I am not a wimp.  I walk up three flights of stairs to my office every day, but today I almost met my match walking up the nonfunctioning escalator.  I ran longer then normal yesterday, and today I went swimming.  I almost had to give up and spend the night in the metro station, curled up under a cement bench.  

Anyway, a friend gave me the inspiration for this recipe.  It is his go to grilled cheese sandwich.  He uses a pear instead of a nectarine, but nectarines were on sale.  In addition to being a grilled cheese connoisseur, he is also one of the most aggressive drives I know.  

For each sandwich you need gouda cheese, a nectarine, bread, butter, and honey.  I used whole wheat bread, but I think a good crunchy sourdough would be more appropriate.

I placed a buttered piece of bread in a hot pan.  It goes without saying that the butter should be facing the pan.   I used medium heat.  I then placed on a layer of gouda.

I drizzled the honey on top of the cheese.  In a later sandwich, one I didn't photograph, I spread the honey on one slice of bread.  Both work swimmingly.

I placed thin nectarine slices on top of the honied cheese.  This is such a complicated process that I felt two pictures were necessary.  I placed a buttered piece of bread on top.  After the bottom had toasted golden brown, I flipped the sandwich and browned the other side.  Each side took about 4 minutes.  I actually didn't time it, but 4 minutes feels right.

This is a very elegant take on a grilled cheese.  I would suggest going heavy on the honey, but I have a sweet tooth.  Brie would be an appropriate cheese choice here as well.

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