Friday, November 28, 2008


I should have posted something a long time ago.  I made a video, but it was too long and I couldn't upload it.  So instead I will post pictures.  This picture was taken on a boat going to a beach where we snorkeled.  

We went on an elephant ride in Chiang Mai

I think this is called the national palace.  It is in Bangkok.

Same as the previous picture.  The royal family used to live here.  I don't know why they moved out.

This is a picture of Ayutaya.  It was the old capital.  I think the Burmese of someone came and sacked it, and so they rebuilt in Bangkok.


GreenTaiwan said...

So proud of you for blogging! Hope you had a festive thanksgiving and plans are moving ahead.

Cap'n Bart and Anne said...

FINALLY! teehee The wait was worth it. Those are some beautiful photos. Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and did a little "teet-teet" for the NC Thayns!

Sara said...

Laura! Where have you been? What's new with you, girl? You gotta' update me on the latest! Especially if you got any new embarrassing moment stories that you tell so well...