Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lugang and Ershua

A few weeks ago we went on a tour of Lugang.  We saw an old school, a temple, and walked the narrow streets.  This video also includes a hike we did in Ershua.  


Mary said...

Hey Laura, I really like this song-- what is it?

cammie jensen said...

Hey Laura,
Holy cow it has been a long time! It looks like you are LIVING IT UP! I always knew you were going to be completely AWESOME! That is so amazing that you have been to so many places! What do you do? It looks like you have been everywhere! We are still in logan... sigh. Kirt has been gone for military training in Oklahoma for the past 3 months but he will be home sept. 1st. We are just waiting for kirt to get through ROTC and get his masters. Then we will probably head to monterey, cali so kirt can go to Military intelligence school to be an interagator/linquist for the army. I am so glad that you get to travel I am so Jealous! Hope all is well! See ya soon well someday!

Krystal said...

Hey Laura....how are you?! love the blog! Hope things are going great:)