Saturday, February 20, 2016

Rib-Sticking Stir-Fry

In a month, I am running a half marathon.  I signed up several months ago.  I have been slowly preparing, but the even has snuck up on me.  I am not as prepared as I thought I would be at this point.

I ran ten miles this morning, and it hurt.  I didn't run as fast as I wanted either.  I am a slow running, and I have been focusing on running faster.  

I have an app that helps me do interval training.  I run slowly for a minute and then run quickly for the next minute.  I repeat this for twenty minutes.  I am supposed to increase the length of time I run quickly as weeks pass. 

Theoretically, I should run twenty minutes quickly after a few weeks.  In practice, I'm not consistent in doing interval training.  I haven't gotten past the first step of running quickly for one minute at a time.

There is still some time for me to improve my pace but not much time.  We'll see if I can muster the will to do more interval training.  It's a hard thing to  get excited about.  When it comes to exercise, I'd rather take a leisure bike ride or go lap swimming.

This is another recipe I found in Nigella Lawson's cookbook entitled Nigella Express.   I have made scallops and chorizo,  mellow  meatballs, and mac and cheese from this book.

The ingredients are 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, 10 ounces chicken breast cut into 1/2 inch slices, 4 cups store-fry vegetables, 1/4 cup soy sauce, 1/4 cup Chinese cooking wine,  and 1 14-ounce cannelloni beans. I used carrots, broccoli, and sugar snap peas for my stir fry vegetables.  Mine came in a bag .

I added the oil to a skillet over medium-high heat.  I added the sliced chicken breast once the oil was hot.  I tossed the chicken around until it had browned.

I added the vegetables and continued stir-frying the ingredients,  I cooked the chicken and vegetables until the vegetables started to soften.

I added the Chinese cooking wine and soy sauce and continued cooking until the vegetables and meat were cooked.

I added the beans and continued cooking the stir-fry until the beans were warm.

This was good.  It was nourishing and hearty.  It was salty and savory. 

 The chicken was tender and absorbed the flavor of the soy sauce and rice wine.

The vegetables were soft and not mushy.  It was packed full of protein and healthy vegetables.

It was very easy and quick to make.  I enjoyed all the textures and flavors.  

This was another simple yet stellar recipe from Nigella's cookbook.  It has turned out to be a well used cookbook.

 I hope you give this yummy recipe a try!


Kelly - Life Made Sweeter said...

This stir-fry looks so flavorful and full of good things! Way to go on the marathon next month!

Jessie Moore said...

Oh man, I would like to energy-stock with this dish for the marathon I never plan on running!! I am so in awe of you!

laura said...

Thanks for the support ladies! We'll see how the race goes... :)