Friday, August 14, 2015

Bacon, Gorgonzola, and Jam Pizza

Last Friday I went to a Korean spa with my coworkers.  We have been planning to go for a few months, and we finally made it happen.

It was weird but enjoyable.  I had never done anything like it.

At first, we were in a pool area with jets spurting out in all directions.  There were a few smaller pools with water at different temperatures.  We also paid to have a women in her underwear scrub us down for half an hour.  Outside of the workers in their underwear, everyone else was naked.

We then put on loose fitting robes.  There were themed rooms at different temperatures.  My favorite one had small ceramic balls covering the floor.  We laid nestled down in the warm marble sized balls.

Another room had clay on the walls and was over 160 degrees.  One room was cold instead of hot.  It had ice on the walls.  All the rooms had head rests, and we laid on the floor.  I sweat more in that one day then I do in a month.

I made these pizzas with left over bacon and gorgonzola, and they were wonderful.  I usually have a pack of frozen naan from Trader Joe's in my fridge.  Each pizza requires a naan, about two tablespoons of jam, 1 strip cooked bacon, 1/2 ounce gorgonzola cheese.  

I spread the jam on the naan.

I added the chopped bacon and crumbles of blue cheese.

I baked the naan for six to seven minutes at 400 degrees.

These flavors complemented each other well.  It was savory, pungent, and sweet.  It sounds like a weird combination, but it worked splendidly.

The bread was chewy and golden brown.  The cheese was soft and gooey, and the bacon crisp and smokey.  It was a simple but delicious meal.


Erin said...

Oh yum, I love some bold cheeses on my pizza! And bacon? Yes please.

Lindsey Farr said...

That spa sounds fascinating! I would love to do that! And this pizza sounds incredible! There just isn't enough bacon in my life!

laura said...

Thanks Ladies! I don't have enough bacon in my live either :)