Saturday, November 15, 2014

Turkey and Cranberry Sauce Sandwich

I have two major complaints about winter:  my toes are perpetually cold and my skin is dry regardless of how much lotion I use.

My hands are often cold, but cold hands don't bother me as much as cold feet.  I'm sure as the winter progresses, my list of complaints will get longer and longer.

When I was a kid, winter was a magical time.  With playing in the snow and the best holidays of the year, it was a great season.  Now as a boring adult, all I can think of is just how cold my commute is.

Turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches are the best use of leftover Thanksgiving fare.  This year I baked some turkey with the sole purpose of making turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches.  Unlike my usual post-Thanksgiving sandwich, this one has lettuce and cream cheese.  

The ingredients I used are sliced bread, cooked turkey, cranberry sauce, cream cheese, and iceberg lettuce.  Any lettuce would have worked, but I'm glad it wasn't a strong flavored lettuce.

I spread each slide of bread with a thin layer of cream cheese.  I put the spread on both slices to prevent the bread from getting soggy from the cranberry sauce.

I spread on a healthy quantity of cranberry sauce on top of each slice.  

I layered on some crisp lettuce.

The last ingredient was thick slices of turkey.  I made sure to salt the turkey well because I think turkey can be bland.

 I put the slices of bread together with all the filling ingredients in the middle.  I'm sure you could have figure that step out for yourself.

The thick, meaty slices of turkey made this a filling and satisfying sandwich.

The cream cheese added some creaminess, and the cranberry sauce was sweet and tart at the same time.  The lettuce was crisp and fresh.

All the flavors blended well together.  This made a tasty and festive lunch.  The next time I make these sandwiches, I will add stuffing, and use it as a spread.

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